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Childcare Programs at Kids Learning Path

kids learning path


Childcare Programs at Kids Learning Path

At Kids Learning Path has dedicated classrooms for each age group and has the best-trained staff members. All staff is allocated based on the state required ratios into the classrooms. We invite you to visit us at our Child Care Center in Las Vegas, Nevada to learn more about our programs.

Infants (6 weeks to 18 months) – Caterpillar Room

Infants are the most fragile stage of a human’s development. The first one to twelve months of your child’s life is considered very crucial in their growth and progress. It is in this time that every parent or guardian should look after their physical well-being, emotional state, and mental development.

Our Caterpillar Room is a place of cuddles and warm hugs. It is designed to make any toddler feel safe, acquiring trust from the people around them. Our program is well thought-out to meet the needs of every developing infant. Child care professionals assigned in Kids Learning Path make sure that your child receives nothing but the finest and most expert care. We develop their cognitive and motor activities through activities like peek-a-boo and story reading in order to prepare them for their future learning.

Toddlers (18 months to 36 months) – Butterfly Room

Toddlers are often perceived as uncontrollable angels. Parents and other adults find their energy level crazily full. We do not take this fact negatively for we see this as a child’s chance to learn. Kids as early as one, learn by moving around and exploring their environment. We use and channel their energy and curiosity to things they will be learning through a healthy and safe environment that do not limit their movements.

Our passionate and patient teachers and child care professionals initiate and facilitate games that will tickle the young minds of the little learners. We encourage our young explorers to move around and enjoy the company of their fellow playmates and learning partners. Our toddler program exposes children to:

  • Storytelling
  • Counting
  • Imitation games
  • Object Recognition Games
  • Nursery Rhymes
  • Letter Recognition Games
  • Simulation Games
  • And many more!

We focus our program to the holistic development of each of our travelers but never fail to recognize you as their first and most important teachers. We continually get in touch with you and report to you about your precious one’s progress and success. We will see to it that your toddler’s stay in Kids Learning Path decreases the gap between you and your little angel even though you are many kilometers away from him or her.

Preschool (36 months to 48 months) – Grasshoppers Room

Giving off a positive and conducive learning environment is always the objective of every school in order to meet and satisfy your child’s needs. We realize that demand for learning through our Grasshoppers Room. Like grasshoppers, children should be able to hop from one skill to another with the use of their previous learning. To do this, we encourage a leap from our young learners through exposing them to activities that they will learn in a spiral progression.

From counting and producing sounds of every letter in the alphabet, we now introduce these curious tots the skills on basic addition and subtraction and matching letters to sounds. Just like a spiral, we slowly present relevant information to our learners from simple to complex. This information are guaranteed to be introduced by our educators in a level of difficulty that do not stress the learners.

Our Pre-School program seeks to explore and develop the following skills and competencies that must be obtained by our little fellows:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Basic arithmetic
  • Physical skills
  • Social skills

We compiled our young learner’s achievements in a portfolio and showcase them to you to give you a track on your child’s development.

Pre-Kindergarten (48 months to 6 years old) – Busy Bees Room

Children learn best at school when they are prepared in the new environment of learning and when they already have a background on what will transpire in the classroom. When your child has no clue on what to do and what should be followed, she will begin to associate school with her horrible experiences thus making her hate school and learning new things. On the other hand, when she was exposed to a very stimulating and encouraging environment and introduced to the basics, she will no longer find learning a painful experience.

Kids Learning Path sees to it that your child is equipped with the skills and knowledge on the ways of the world. As we fully develop and discover your child’s capabilities, we introduce them to a taste of a more structured learning environment without giving pressures on the young minds. Our quality Pre-Kindergarten Programs introduces your beloved tot to various activities.

The more your child is exposed to various activities, the more she will learn and develop her newly acquired skills. We offer enhancement programs for your child’s learning from her earlier education and stressed out the importance of the following skills:

  • Comprehension
  • Arithmetic
  • Handwriting

Our goal is for your child to partake and contribute in the country’s literacy rate but our goals will never be possible without your help. That is why, in Kids Learning Path, we do not only engage your child in our programs and activities but also include you as their parents. Together, we will achieve and achieve our objective by encouraging your child to grow and develop holistically. We regularly report her progress in school and share with you her moments of distress and also her moments of success.

School Age (6 years old to 12 years old) 

With the use of its’ two school buses, KLP transport children to/from neighborhood schools. This service enables parents to drop children early morning and pick them after school from the center, hence avoiding the stress to meet Safe-Key requirements, and also it allows some parents to pick all children at one location, when there are younger siblings.

Other Activities…
At our Child Care Center in Las Vegas Nevada, we help school-age children with their homework, also during the seasonal breaks such as summer and winter we have age appropriate fun activities including camps and field trips for their entertainment.

To learn more about our programs at Kids Learning Path schedule your visit today to take a tour around the facility…

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