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5 Tips to Keep Your Child Safe on the Internet


Isn’t it safer to just keep your child away from the internet?
That may be the case, but your little one will also be missing out on a lot of things than their peers are exposed to.

Think of it this way, being exposed to technology and the internet at an early age cancels out the sharp learning curve that adults had to overcome when technology suddenly became the next big thing in our generation.

There’s nothing wrong with letting kids go online (as long as they are properly supervised).
And for that reason, here are five tips you can do in order to keep your child safe online:

  1. Inform them of the dangers they can face online. 

    Be honest and transparent with your child. There are all sorts of bad people everywhere. Some of them might even pretend to be your friend online. Have a serious talk with your little one to let them know of the consequences they could face if they are careless online.

  2. Instruct them not to share personal information online. 

    This includes pictures, phone numbers, addresses, and other sensitive information. It’s always a lot safer to use aliases on the internet rather than disclosing your real name.

  3. Advise them to be wary of people you meet online. 

    Some online scammers may pretend to be someone who your child knows by acting as a relative or close family friend, and these strangers might ask to meet your kids in person. Tell your child to never agree to get together with a person they have met online without your permission.

  4. Tell them that they should inform you if they have had a conversation online that made them uncomfortable. 

    It’s important for parents to take their child seriously regarding these matters. It may sound silly at first, but it ultimately never hurts to do a bit of investigating to ensure your child’s safety.

  5. Allow them to use gadgets only in a common area.

    Keep tablets, laptops, and other gadgets in the living room or a similar area where you can easily monitor the sites your child is browsing. At the same time, this will make it easier for them to approach you in case they need assistance when going online.

In the past, we may have gotten along fine with staying offline all throughout our childhood, but the times are now different.

Besides, there is nothing wrong with allowing your child to go online. It allows them to expand their horizons and learn new things.

It’s important that we are able to give them enough supervision so that they can browse the web safely.
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