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Child Care Programs in Las Vegas


Child Care Programs in Las Vegas

Kids Learning Path has dedicated classrooms for each age group and its committed and well-trained staff members are allocated based on the state required ratios in to the class rooms. We invite you to visit us at our Child Care Center in Las Vegas, Nevada to learn more about our Daycare and Preschool.


Child Care Programs in Las Vegas


With the use of its two school buses, KLP transport children to/from neighborhood schools. This service is related to Child Care in Las Vegas, Nevada and it enables parents to drop children early morning and pick them after school from the center, hence avoiding the stress to meet Safe-Key requirements, and also it allows some parents to pick all children at one location when there are younger siblings.

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Other Activities…

At our Child Care Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, we help school age children with their home work, also during the seasonal breaks such as summer and winter we have age-appropriate fun activities including camps and field trips for their entertainment.

Signature practices

Our World at Skole curriculum includes preschool Signature Practices that offer hands-on approaches to encourage the skills your child will need in kindergarten and beyond: