Infants and Toddlers

What If You See the World in an Infant’s Eyes?

For a child, the world is a beautiful place that is filled with unexplored places to venture into. You may see a typical living room but your child sees a jungle with big and wild animals ready to run over him or her. You may see a child running on the playground but what he or she sees maybe a great escape on a giant pirate ship. Children see the world differently than their adult counterparts; that is why as

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What You Need To Know About Your Child’s Social Development From Age Two to Twelve

As parents, we are wary of our children’s development from the time we first held them in our arms. We are usually particular with their physical and mental development that we are so excited about their milestones. But oftentimes, we set aside monitoring their social development, which in fact is equally important as the others. Our children’s social wellness is important for them to properly behave, react, and interact in a highly social world. The age two to twelve years

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Top Four Risks That Parents Should Be Mindful About When They Are Away From Their Children

When parents, especially moms, are away from their kids, they are always anxious about the safety of their child. Well, this paranoia comes from the ever-famed mother’s instincts. We always have a certain gut feel when something is about to happen, and more than half of the time, we are right. But aside from our inherent ability to feel imminent danger, we know how other people can be unlike us when it comes to caring for our young ones. We

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Why Must Your Child Experience Quality Child Care?

Children are the most curious creatures we have came across in our existence. They will never hesitate to put stuff in their mouth whatever stuff it may be, explore to dangerous places like the stairs or even on the edge of the swimming pool, and many more. But even though this stresses us out especially when their curiosity led to various accidents, we still dedicate our lives to ensuring that they are living the finest life. And so as to

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Childcare Programs at Kids Learning Path

  Childcare Programs at Kids Learning Path At Kids Learning Path has dedicated classrooms for each age group and has the best-trained staff members. All staff is allocated based on the state required ratios into the classrooms. We invite you to visit us at our Child Care Center in Las Vegas, Nevada to learn more about our programs. Infants (6 weeks to 18 months) – Caterpillar Room Infants are the most fragile stage of a human’s development. The first one

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4 Signs to Tell When Your Baby Starts Teething

4 Signs to Tell When Your Baby Starts Teething If you’ve just picked your 6 month old baby up from their daycare facility in Las Vegas and the caregiver complained about their irritable behavior, you shouldn’t just let that pass. Here are 4 signs to tell when your baby starts teething. Teething can be a painful process for the child and hence may result in unusual crankiness and excessive mood swings. But how would you know whether it indeed is

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