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What If You See the World in an Infant’s Eyes?

What If You See the World in an Infant’s Eyes?

For a child, the world is a beautiful place that is filled with unexplored places to venture into. You may see a typical living room but your child sees a jungle with big and wild animals ready to run over him or her. You may see a child running on the playground but what he or she sees maybe a great escape on a giant pirate ship.

Children see the world differently than their adult counterparts; that is why as a child care center in Las Vegas Nevada, teachers and caretakers here in Kids Learning Path are committed to unlocking the psychology of a young learner. In this way, we will be able to make a safe and entertaining environment for the little adventurer to learn and explore.

But before we dig deep into the mind and behavior of a child, we first need to understand the basics. We need to know the development of his or her eyes so that we will know when to step in and when to be a guide on their side.

Inspired by Buzzfeed’s video entitled “How Babies See the World,” Kids Learning Path will be taking you along as we see the world in the eyes of an infant.

It is your first day here in this world, an exciting day for you and everyone else in your family. From a place full of darkness, you now stepped out into the light. It may be a bit cold; then you realize that the first 6 words in this sentence is an understatement for “a bit” is a lie as you cry loudly, realizing that you are no longer in your safe and warm cocoon which is your mother’s womb.


Your vision as you come out of your mom is about 20/400. Yes, you are able to see colors but red, blue, yellow and all the other colors are not really that visible.

0 to 1 month old

Enamored by the various things that are in front of you, your eyes begin to wonder around. But remember that you still cannot see clearly except those objects 3 feet away. That is why you smile or frown as the faces of mommy and daddy do near you to give you a kiss.

2 months old

Now that you reached your second month here in this world, your eyes will be more coordinated as they work together to focus on an object. Let us say you want to focus on that attractive maracas held by that person in front of you. Shake, shake, shake, it goes. You begin to follow the said object as it goes slowly from left to right.

3 months old

Now that you are more focused on things that are in front of you, you have that urge inside of you to touch them. With interest and curiosity, you begin to reach the objects you see.

4 months old

This is the time of your life where you get to play your favorite game: peek-a-boo. Peek-a-boo! Peek-a-boo! You do not know where the funny face of daddy goes as his hand covers it. Where could he be? Peek-a-boo! There he is! And again, he is gone. Peek-a-boo! There he is! And this game never seems to tire you.

5-6 months old

You can now better make out the colors in the color spectrum as your vision becomes closer to an adult’s. You are captivated by the wide array of colors but remember that you still cannot tell red from yellow. You just find them beautiful.

7 months old

Grasping things that are close to you is your new addiction. Of course, you are not yet capable of judging distance that is why your parents find you cute as you try to get a hold of an invisible thing on the air.

11-12 months old

You now developed a visual acuity of a full grown adult. Congratulations and happy birthday!

Is it not wonderful to be learning to navigate around this strange and beautiful world? Let your child experience a lot of firsts here in Kids Learning Path.

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