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Sending Your Toddlers to Daycare in Las Vegas

Daycare in Las Vegas

Sending Your Toddlers to Daycare in Las Vegas

Having a toddler adjust to their daycare in Las Vegas is often more challenging than sending your infant to one. Toddlers reach an age where they are able to understand what’s happening to them, can respond and react to situations, and in most cases communicate effectively with their parents too.

The unexpected separation from parents that they face when put into daycare facilities for them is something difficult to come to terms with. As parents, here’s what you can do to help your child ease into the new environment.

  • Talk to your child about the daycare before sending them off there. Explain the routine and activities they will be expected to engage in and help them understand the change.
  • If you can, try and have the child-care provider visit your home and let your toddler get familiar with them.
  • Tell your child why you need to leave them at the day care. A simple “Mommy has to go to work sweetheart, but I’ll be back soon”. Tell them who would look after them during the time you’re away and who will feed them.
  • Never sneak out when dropping your toddler off at the daycare facility. Always hug them, kiss them, and say “goodbye” and then immediately leave – don’t hover.
  • Talk to your child everyday about how they feel about their daycare. Whether they made friends or not?
  • If your child has made friends at the daycare, allow them to bond with these friends over the weekend. Work out a system for play-dates or playgroups with fellow moms to help your kids adjust.
  • Try not to make any major changes in your house. These might include a new sleeping arrangement for your toddler, a new pet in the house, or a complete renovation of the house.
  • Allow your child to take their favorite object – a stuffed animal, a blanket, or a pacifier – to the daycare facility as a transitional object.
  • Try and stay back with your child till the time they are comfortable in the new environment. In case you can’t manage that, ask someone else in the family to fill in for you.

The initial transitional phase may be a bit difficult for both the parent and the child but once your child settles in, they’ll take to it like duck to water.

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