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What to Put in Your Baby Bag for Daycare

baby bag for daycare

What to Put in Your Baby Bag for Daycare

Getting your child registered into an affordable Las Vegas daycare is only the beginning of a hectic morning routine and don’t forget all the essentials to put in your baby bag for daycare.

Since you wouldn’t be around your baby while they’re at the daycare, it is important that you pack everything they need for them before dropping them off at the daycare.

So what goes inside the baby bag? Here’s the list

The Essentials

The Diapers: Your baby would need a lot of them throughout the day, pack at least 8 to 10 diapers for a day.

The Rash Cream and Other Medication: Wearing diapers all day results in painful rashes on the baby’s skin, make sure you put the ointment in the bag. Also, if your child is on special medication (sick/allergic) pop that medicine in the bag too.

The Wipes: Keep a full container in the bag and send refills when required.

The Blanket: In case your childcare provider in Las Vegas asks you to provide one, it goes in the bag too.

The Pacifiers: If your child has a special fondness for these, make sure you pack a supply – make it at least four. The get misplaced easily and you don’t want your child getting cranky over it.

Food and Milk

Bottles: Make sure you send enough for the planned milk time and unforeseen emergencies.

Milk: If you’re using formula milk, pack measured amounts in the bottles. If you are giving breast milk, it is better to work out an arrangement with the facility.

Food and Cereals: If your baby has begun eating, pack the cereals and/or meals in small plastic jars and containers with proper screw-on lids.


Backup Clothing: Accidents are normal at daycare facilities. Send an extra set of complete clothing including socks in sealable plastic bags for your child every day.

Bibs: It’s better to keep a separate set of bibs for the daycare. Keep at least five of both large and small bibs in your baby’s bag.    

Trust us when we say that your work mornings are going to get quite manic – you’ll have to make sure you have everything you need and everything your child needs packed and ready before leaving home. Make your life easier and pack the baby bag a night before. For things like food and milk you can always take some time out in the morning.  

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