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How Does Attending Preschool Benefit your Child? (Part 1)


Are you still thinking that your child is too young for preschool? Let us break the ice by telling you facts you need to know and that enrolling them to a high-quality preschool program will let them become successful academically, emotionally and socially.

Here in Kids Learning Path, a child care center in Las Vegas Nevada, we believe that the foundation your child gets when they are learning in preschool is one of the stepping stone for his or her success in the future. But the future is quite distant, do you not think? You still have a long way to go before you can determine if the education you let your child enjoy will benefit them. What are other short-term benefits a parent can directly observe? Since we mentioned it already, preschool is beneficial especially when your child goes to elementary school.

But to further convince you, we have made a convenient roll that lists a number of good reasons why you should let your child attend preschool. These reasons are as follows:

  • Preschool provides the child an opportunity to grow.
    Compared to when you leave your child at home to venture on his or her own, in a child care center that offers preschool programs, your little one can obtain their first experience in a setting that stimulates the actual learning environment. They can interact with children in their age group and with older individuals who will teach them stuff they need to know thus it will give them an opportunity to grow.
  • Preschool is the stepping stone towards kindergarten.
    Kindergarten is a more academic environment. If you do not enroll your child to preschool, he or she may have a hard time adjusting to schedules. Aside from that, your beloved little toddler may find literary skills such as arithmetic, writing and reading overwhelming.

    In preschool, especially in our child care center in Las Vegas Nevada, we provide an educational program that meets academic activities and play which will help them learn skills while enjoying. Therefore you do not have to choose between their interests and their wellbeing.

  • Preschool socially and emotionally develops a child.
    The trouble about not sending your child to preschool is that they cannot build a relationship with other adults thus developing their mistrust towards them. In the real world, you are not the only people these children face. They will eventually meet new ones who will help them grow in life and in their career. Letting them enjoy preschool is like letting them have a peak of the real world.
  • Preschool teaches children to make choices.
    We make sure we make our programs here in our child care center in Las Vegas Nevada structured but at the same time; we make them loose enough to give the children the freedom to choose for themselves. Independent living is one of the many things we value here in Kids Learning Path and what better way to teach it than to make our learning environment as friendly as possible.