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Choosing the Right Child Care Provider

Choosing the Right Child Care Provider

Child Care Providers

A significant milestone in a young child’s life is enrollment in a daycare. A new place away from home away from the loving touch of her mom, comfort of dad, warmth of her crib and bed and a separation from her usual surroundings…..

She enters an absolute strange, unusual, unknown, loud, busy environment with so many new faces, new voices, new environment…to a WHOLE NEW WORLD..!!!

And she may cry, mom may cry, dad may feel guilty but my friend…this is the life and the reality …

At one point in our lives, we need to face that day… the day you need to have faith in someone, have your doubts cleared, have trust in that person to leave your child with until you win your bread to keep her healthy. You are doing the right thing, mom and dad.There is no way you could give your child even the basic necessities if you are not able to give to make a living. Nothing comes free and yes!… we need to work.

Your child has to face this truth too. She needs to have trust in her caregiver…have faith that the child care provider will give her the TLC when mommy is away…be confident that she has a shoulder always ready for her head to rest, a lap always available for a feeling of security and a voice all loving and tender to comfort and say just the right thing…

That’s why dear mom and dad, grandma grandpa, uncle and aunt, you have to find the RIGHT PLACE to leave her for the time you are away and trust the hands you are placing her in…

Why do you need the “RIGHT PLACE” ???

Child care providers have become one of the easiest money makers in our society. It has become only a matter of an advertisement on Craigslist and BAM…you are a caregiver. How sure are you that you are leaving your child with someone you can truly trust? God knows what type of a person? Do you want to risk your child’s life and safety?

Parents,your child is your precious gem, protect them through preventative action and research as much as possible before you make a decision on a child care provider. You want to make sure that the place you choose is a safe place, is licensed as a child care provider with all employees appropriately screened and tested. It is your duty as a parent, to leave your child in a SAFE ENVIRONMENT, all other thing comes second… but safety of your child is the NUMBER ONE!.

At Kids Learning Path we ensure that your child is safe, cared for and has all the necessities they need while you are away… To learn more about Kids Learning Path Contact us Today

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