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6 Steps for a Stress free Child Care Admission for your Toddler

Child Care Admission

Getting ready for your child care admission process can seem daunting…


A five-page application, complete with probing essay questions, a series of interviews, exhaustive background checks, intensive testing of academic ability and achievement, submission of writing samples and artwork. Lets not forget the exploration of extracurricular activities. Is this the admissions process for Harvard? Princeton? Yale? No, this is the admission process for many of today’s preschool programs.

Nearly all toddlers and parents must endure this type of admissions process and it may seem comical, almost ludicrous, but for many parents and children, it’s a painfully serious reality. While many preschools still have open admissions – accepting children who apply on a first-to-apply, first-to-be-accepted basis, with an eye only to achieving a healthy balance of boys and girls and a workable mix of ages – more and more seem as demanding as any Ivy League school on their admission requirements.

At Kids Learning Path providing Child Care in Las Vegas, Nevada, we know that choosing your child’s very first learning facility is a tough challenge. You want what’s best for your child. A place where your child’s potentials can be identified, honed, and harvested for the future. If you live in a community where high-pressure preschool admission tactics aren’t the norm, consider yourself lucky.

If your child must be tested here are 6 steps to ease the pressure during child care admissions:

1. Look for a Pleasant Tester

People who evaluate young children for a living should be empathetic, patient, and kind – but unfortunately, they don’t uniformly fit that profile. To ease the potential trauma for your child – as well as to help boost the odds that your child will test well – you should look for a pleasant and understanding tester.

2. Consider Tagging Along

Some testers allow parents to be present when their children are tested; many others don’t. If your child doesn’t separate well and is likely to be upset (and uncooperative) without you in the room, petition to come along. If your child might be more responsive without you around (many children are), stay outside.

3. Use Your Scheduling Smarts

Schedule testing for a time when your child isn’t likely to be hungry or tired (after snack time and after – but not too soon after – nap-time). Postpone testing if your child isn’t feeling well or is generally out of sorts.

4. Prepare Your Child

Make sure your child gets plenty of rest the night before. The day before, and the day of the test, mention to your toddler what is going to happen. Be upbeat, with no hint of pressure or stress in your voice. Explain to your kid that a person who is like a teacher will be talking to him or her, that they’re going to play some games together, and that it’s going to be fun. If you won’t be allowed in the testing room, make that clear so the separation won’t take your toddler by surprise – but be sure to emphasize that you’ll be waiting right outside the door.

5. Don’t Over Prepare

Don’t be tempted to quiz your child with flash cards before the testing, or to step up at-home learning. The more relaxed your toddler is, the better he or she is likely to do. Besides, no young child should feel under pressure to perform.

6. Don’t Show Any Disappointment

So what if your toddler – who can identify every animal in the zoo at home – suddenly can’t tell a dog from a cat? So what if he or she forgets the alphabet or how to count to ten? Situations like these happen when children feel uncomfortable. They panic and go blank. Voicing disappointments isn’t fair, and is likely to compromise future testing.

Preschool interviews, like testing, can be traumatic unless you keep them in perspective. Your child is applying for preschool, not for college or some important jobs. Remain relaxed on the entire process, and your child will be, too.

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