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Why Teaching Heroism is Beneficial For Your Child’s Development

Why Teaching Heroism is Beneficial For Your Child’s Development

Memorial Day is a significant day where we remember the lives of those brave soldiers who have served our country well. They are the epitome of heroism and they give us an inspiration to do our mission in life.

So why do we need to teach this value to our children? How will their development be affected by this mere value? Let us talk about it. Heroism

  • Gives inspiration to do good to others

    Children want to be rewarded. This is a fact that nobody can change. Even adults want to attain benefits from a certain action. Lawrence Kohlberg said in his Theory of Moral Development that children reflect the first stage. They are blind and egocentric as they only view themselves as important.

    Heroes do well to others and they do this with a style. And because children want to imitate such flashiness of character, they imitate this courage and selfless act. If they do, they are already considered inspired to do well to others.

  • Cultivates values of resilience and strength

    The world is a cruel place for people. There are times when odds are going against us. There are also moments when these incidents knock us out of our feet crippling us to move forward to chase our goals.

    But heroes are there to remind us that no matter how many punches life or the enemy throws at us, we stand once again and smile with confidence. We should not give up no matter what.

  • Promotes connection with others

    No man is an island. We need each other in order to achieve progress and development not just in ourselves but also in the society. Watching heroes save the day promotes our empathy towards their pain.

    Once we understand the pain and the human psychology as a whole, we eventually do things that do not hurt others. When we prioritize other’s safety and good, we immediately get the essence of being a hero.

  • Transforms lives

    Heroes give us inspiration to do good, to be strong and resilient, and to be nice to others. Combine all these and one will become an inspiration to others. When this inspiration reaches others, it transforms their lives as well. This will create a domino and we call this the hero effect.

We should not die as a failure. It is better to die trying. Countless men and women have sacrificed their lives and happiness for our own. This Memorial Day, let us teach our children the value of heroism and help them become an inspiration to all.

Kids Learning Path is part in celebrating this memorable event. And we want you, as our partners in your child’s learning, to help us in instilling the values to your child. If you want your child to experience the overall benefit of the programs here in our child care center in Las Vegas Nevada, visit

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