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Have You Put Your Child in the Best Child Care in Las Vegas?

child care in las vegas

Have You Put Your Child in the Best Child Care in Las Vegas?

Most child care in Las Vegas starts off great. However, over time their child care quality deteriorates. As parents, you need to be constantly on your toes to identify any warnings that may indicate that you need to pull your child out of this arrangement immediately. The most prominent signs include:

Undocumented or Unclear Policies

A licensed daycare should have properly drafted set of policies that they follow. This is an important aspect of the childcare agreement they enter in with you. When you sign a deal, you should have proper documented policies of the facility in front of you. Any verbal policies cannot be trusted and neither can you trust a facility that provides you with them.

Insufficient Staff and Frequent Changes

If the facility has a high turnover of caregivers, it means the caregivers are not happy with the facility, its policies, and its program. This should ring a bell for you. Also if the daycare employs fairly less number of caregivers as compared to the number of kids, your kid is definitely better off at some other facility.

Ineffective Communication

Communication is a crucial element of a healthy daycare arrangement. If in any way the daycare providers are dodging a meeting with you, discourage your involvement/participation, or do not actually inform you about the progress of your child even when you ask; it’s a red flag. You should start looking for a new facility right away.

Inadequate Cleanliness and Safety

Is your child frequently falling ill since they began going to the daycare? There’s a high possibility that the facility does not maintain proper cleanliness and hygiene on their premises. Children are prone to contracting various infections and sickness due to lack of cleanliness. Also, if your child is coming home with cuts and bruises or mentions strangers – it is a good idea to go check if the playground and the facility are safe for kids.    

It’s never too late to change your child’s daycare facility in Las Vegas. It would obviously require additional legwork and research, but you can never be too careful for your child’s wellbeing.

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