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Your Toddler’s Daycare Bag: Tips to Make Sure You’re Packing It Right

Toddlers Daycare Bag

Your Toddler’s Daycare Bag: Tips to Make Sure You’re Packing it Right

When sending your toddler off to the daycare, there are a number of things you need to be careful about. Making sure their supplies are complete, dealing with mix ups, or running to the nearest store to get a new bottle because your toddler lost their at their childcare facility in Las Vegas.

All this can get overwhelming at times, but these tips can help you stay on top of it all. Here’s how you can manage your child’s daycare bag better:

Remember Everything

It’s humanly impossible to remember everything all the time. To make sure you don’t forget anything important; keep a pen and a notepad in your toddler’s daycare bag. When the care provider informs you about something that needs to be replaced or replenished note it down. Make it a point to go through the notepad every evening while packing the bag for the next day. This way you’ll remember what you need to get and when.

Label Your Child’s Stuff

Your child is not the only kid at the daycare facility and they certainly don’t have unique things. There could be other children with similar bottles or blankets. To avoid mix ups or your child’s things getting lost, take the time to label each of their belongings with their name. While most supplies could be labeled using a permanent marker, use stick-on labels or masking tapes to name their clothes and blankets.

Use the ‘KEY’ Trick

You can pack most of your child’s supplies an evening in advance, but food and milk has to stay refrigerated until the last minute. You may in this case forget packing these things in a hurry – but you’d never forget your keys! This is where you need to place a reminder. A sticky note with the keys that reminds you to put the food and milk into the bag, and you have it all sorted.

It is important to remember that things will get lost at even the best daycare facility in Las Vegas. You’d be at far more peace once you acknowledge and accept this fact. Just make sure you have back ups for everything from pacifiers to lunch boxes – that way you’d always be prepared.

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