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What people say about Kids Learnkng Path

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Jyndzy C.


“Started bringing our 2 month old daughter here and I couldn’t be happier! The ladies are so nice and caring. I notice a difference in my daughter bringing her here and to our private sitter that I use for school incase she’s sick. I called twice to check on her and they even sent home a slip of how much she ate and when, and also when they changed her diaper and why. I would recommend this school to everyone!.”
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Nasira J.


“I was very reluctant to put my kids into a daycare. After 2 years of either my husband or myself staying at home to watch our kids, we decided it was time to find a daycare. I did a ton of research on them and they’re the best on the east side of town. The staff is very passionate about the children. I love that as parents we can still be active in the daycare environment. We’re more than welcome to come and join them on their special events. Also, they’re very diligent about communication with the parents. We recently moved further from the daycare but I refuse to take my babies anywhere else. I appreciate everything they do for our children and I couldn’t be happier that my babies are enrolled here”
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Nichole Bullion.


“Love this place my 5 year old daughter started in December of last year and before i knew it she was singing in Spanish and doing her ABC’s in sign language, and doing doing activities to help her grow for kindergarten. The staff is awesome very friendly and the own is great as well. They really make you feel like a second home for the kids. They are always doing fun things with the kids..”
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Edna Arleyn Gomez


“ Great school! Teachers are amazing, the whole staff always make you and your kids feel like family. Great to know that your children are being well taken care of.”
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Fabiola H.


“My 5 year old loves it here. He has great friends in the class and everyone who works here has been super nice and fr… .”
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Leah Y


“My son started going to Kids Learning Path in July 2015, this was his first time in daycare and it has been a great experience. He was in the pre-school class. All of the staff here are awesome and my son loves going to school everyday. My husband and I are very thankful for his teachers Ms.Donna and Ms.Maritza with their help our son is ready for Kindergarten. We would highly recommend Kids Learning Path to everyone. We will miss the staff and our son will miss his teachers and his friends. Thank you to all of the staff for making our experience so awesome!.”
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Elaine G


“This day care is an awesome place for kids. My son 2yrs and daughter 4yrs love to go to school everyday. Teachers are very kind and friendly. They know each kid in the classroom and how to work with them well. They have events through out the year and it helps kids to improve their skills. Before I start this place year ago, I had so much issues with my previous care taker and this is a haven for my kids. The owner is very friendly and she is always reachable and kind person. Love their big back yard and recommend this place to anyone”
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Jose C


“My son loves this school they have great teachers. His learning so much there………………………………………………...”
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Madelyn J


“Kids learning path is fantastic!!! After trying other child care centers since moving to Las Vegas I can honestly say no one else comes close to the care my daughter receives here, they take the cake. The staff are friendly and out going and really love what they do. They have been the missing link in solidifying potty training, I couldn’t have done it without them. My daughter looks forward to going to daycare, every day she does something new. On top of all of this the cleanliness is leaps and bounds ahead of other centers and they are outstandingly affordable!”
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Emily L


“I rate this Day care and learning center a 5 because my kids who are 3 and 4 Jayden and Jeremiah absolutely love this place. The staff and students are good with them.They have a lot of fun and learn something new everyday. Their vocabulary and social skills have excel quite well since they started here. Thank you Kids Learning Path ”

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