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How to Support a Child’s Brain Development (Part 1)

How to Support a Child’s Brain Development (Part 1)
Ages 0 to 5 are the peak of the development of a child’s brain. So to grab this once in a lifetime opportunity; it is a must for every parent to support their mental progress. As a child care center in Las Vegas Nevada, Kids Learning Path gives importance to promoting hands-on support and priority to a child’s brain development that is why we list ways on how you, as their parents, can do so.

  • Invest time and resources on their nutrition

    With the help of your child’s pediatrician, introduce good and certified nutritious foods into the developing mind and body of your child. Nutrition plays a vital role in giving the child the chance to develop fully.Some foods that can bring nutrition to your child include the following:

    • Formula or breast milk
    • Vegetables
    • Fruits
    • Grains
    • And many more
  • Give importance to the power of touch
    Did you know that there is more to the power of touch of a mother or father towards his or her child? This is applicable every single time a parent does the following contact:

    • Touch
    • Hold
    • Have eye contact
    • Embrace

    The power of touch can help build up the brain of the child thus encouraging the development of brain connection. That is why the moment a child is born, he or she needs to be placed on his or her mother to give them a sense of security.

  • Talk with your child

    One of the most ideal ways to establish connection with your child is through language. We encourage you to sing, have a conversation and even play peek-a-boo.

    Though we think that children cannot understand much especially during their infancy stage, when you verbally communicate with them, they begin to acquire our language thus setting up healthy and positive connections inside their brain.

    Toddlers are far more capable of building such speech. Talk with them and ask them questions. Although it may seem cute and appropriate, discourage baby talk. And as John Green, the author of “The Fault in our Stars” point out, encourage children to use their words.

    And while you are doing all the things we mentioned, make sure that you do it in a less academic way. Meaning: have fun while conversing with the child.

  • Read to your child
    It is good to read your child as early and as often as possible. Babies are capable of learning language through repetition of words.Buy books that are friendly for infants, one that are safe to chew on and even handle. And the most important thing is for you to incorporate reading into their routine.

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