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Why you need a quality Preschool?

Why You Need a Quality Preschool in Las Vegas

Why You Need a Quality Preschool in Las Vegas

Now we know what you are thinking. “My little angel is still too young for school.” It is your right as the child’s parent to say that but think of the opportunities missed when you hold off for another year before starting your child’s education.

A quality preschool program at our Child Care Center in Las Vegas, Nevada unleashes your child’s capabilities and releases their maximum potentials. It is in here that your precious tot will learn basic foundational knowledge and skills for the benefit of his future endeavors in the academe and in his personal growth.

Preschool is the starting point of a child’s education and is his springboard to his later successes in elementary education. There are millions of reasons on how your child can benefit from a quality early childhood education.

Here are the skills he will surely gain and develop the moment he begins his school life at Kids Learning Path:

Social and emotional development

We, at Kids Learning Path, promote the social and emotional development of our young learners through nurturing their relationships with each other and with their parents, teachers and other adults.

Teachers at Kids Learning Path make sure to give parents daily reports on their child’s progress and activities in school for we understand and respect their goals and values in child-rearing. We encourage in-depth discussion about each child in our care to their parents as we know these parents are the once that know best for their little ones.

At Kids Learning Path, we also believe that young children should acquire social skills and develop emotional self-control in “real time.” The best thing about quality preschool is that teachers do not instantly get in between the squabble of the children but allow both parties to work out their arguments at each other therefore allowing compromises to happen. This does not mean that we do not stop arguments between our young learners but we only intervene when the situation deems necessary. In this way, kids will learn how to deal with their frustrations and anger without hurting others in the process.

Language and cognitive skills

Early childhood is the stage of human development where vocabulary is easily learned. It is by the age of 3 to 5 that a child’s vocabulary increases from 900 to 2,500 words. His sentence construction will also become longer and more complex. In order to fully enhance their language skills, our young learners are exposed to thought provoking-questions during their activities in a conversational manner through songs, chants and other enjoyable activities.

Our teachers at Kids Learning Path understand each learner’s cognitive needs and also their limitations. Strengthening a child’s cognitive skills without pressure can be done through exposing them to hands-on activities that allow them to have a moment to tickle their minds. These activities are done with the teacher’s guidance and supervision to promote safety and a positive learning environment.

Pre-math and literacy skills

To equip our young learners with essential skills they need for kindergarten, Kids Learning Path offers a wide variety of activities that are both interesting and useful in daily living. Some of these activities are reading instructions for toy assembling, correct coin or bill selecting for making a purchase, tying shoelaces, singing and chanting the alphabet and other nursery rhymes, and many more. We also encourage them to play games that exercise their matching, sorting, and counting skills. These activities and games help our young toddlers obtain pre-math and literacy skills that are of use in everyday living.

Play is like work to little children. High-quality preschools such as Kids Learning Path maintain a child’s interest and motivation to learn through mixing play with learning. In this way, these children are exposed to learning while doing one thing that is familiar to them.

Motor Skills

A child has a very playful nature because it is in play that allows him to learn from his environment and to cope with the challenges given to him. Play also gives room for the child to move around and be accustomed of his own abilities to control his movements. We do not prevent the child to take part in opportunities such as these; that is why our faculty at Kids Learning Path will always promote a safe learning environment that allows the young learner to be himself all day long, discovering new things one at a time, therefore, challenging himself and his environment.

Healthy Curiosity to Explore and be Enlightened

Every event in a child’s life is a chance for discovery and learning. It is the teacher’s pleasure to guide, observe, listen and ask questions during these meaningful events. When children experience these “eureka” events in their lives, it is the responsibility of the teacher to listen to the learner and reward each and every accomplishment made by the learner. The goal of every childhood educator is not for the pupil to get the correct answer but to develop the child’s motivation and drive to learn something you and allow them to be lifelong learners.

School is the best place to learn from others. At Kids Learning Path, we promote interaction among kids of their age and those kids older in order for these young learners to learn from the other kids and for the other kids to learn from them as well. This, in turn, helps them learn social skills as well as emotional self-control through their real life experiences.

When you choose Kids Learning Path for Child Care in Las Vegas, Nevada as your partner in providing quality preschool programs, you will be assured that your child is in safe hands and is taking pleasure in games and activities that allow him to socialize and equip himself to growth confident, creative and full of love for education.

Why Kids Learning Path

We are specializes in providing Child Care in Las Vegas, Nevada for children aged 6 months to 12 years and is licensed to care for 171 children, Monday thru Sunday 6:00AM to 12-midnight.

Our Partnerships

Kids Learning Path is a community partner of United Way of Southern Nevada and is working its way through a higher star level with Quality Rating Improvement System (QRIS) program..

What We Offer

At Kids Learning Path, a Child Care Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, our focus is to provide children with age-appropriate developmental activities and curriculum for Daycare and Preschool.

Our Learning Atmosphere

Our aim is to provide a home-like atmosphere for children when they are away from loved ones for a major part of the day. We do so while giving them opportunity and guidance


KLP is proud to announce that its enrollment increased by 300% within one year under the new management. We keep growing so fast that some of our rooms are starting to have wait lists for enrollment.

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