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Parents Ask: Is Overfeeding a Baby okay?


Overfeeding a Baby

Once you have noticed that your newborn is spitting up the milk he or she has drank, the possibility of you overfeeding your baby is high. But you need to consult experts first before you conclude that you are giving too much food to your baby. There may be some underlying causes for when your baby throws up such as a sickness or an upset stomach.

Because we are a child care center in Las Vegas, Nevada we prioritize the welfare of both you and your baby. We dedicate this blog to answer the most common questions of parents: is overfeeding a baby good for their overall wellbeing?

Let us first define overfeeding. Overfeeding refers to feeding the baby more milk than they need in order to have an adequate nutrition. If we are talking about a newborn, we know that it is impossible to feed them over the needed amount.

Newborns do not eat based on moods they have, unlike some adults. They also do not rely on the things that may cause stress. When they are hungry, they eat and when they are full, they discontinue and stop. Infants and babies are that simple and that is what they are programmed to do.

If you are giving your newborn too much milk for him or her to take in, he or she will spit the milk out. The problem is that when they do so, they can be fussy. This is because of the discomforts they feel in their stomach. If your baby does not digest the milk you are giving them, they may have a loose stool or they may spit up excessively. We know how loose stools and spitting up excessively feels, right? And we do not want that to happen to our little angels…

We have noticed a lot of signs and symptoms a baby can experience to determine if their parent is overfeeding them and these signs and symptoms are:

  • Quickly gaining weight
  • Foul smelling stools
  • Runny stools
  • Excessive burping or flatulence
  • Irritability
  • Poor sleeping habits
  • Frequent events of spitting up

If you notice the following signs and symptoms of overfeeding, you should consult your pediatrician first. The bad news is that overfeeding can copy over conditions such as

  • Lactose intolerance
  • Colic or reflux

The lesson is “normal is always what is needed”. Do not overfeed or underfeed your infant. Follow their protocol and you will not have any troubles. But before you decide how much you feed your child, it is best for you to do your research and go to your pediatrician for guidance.

Kids Learning Path wishes you well on taking care of your baby. To learn more about Kids Learning Path or to schedule a tour contact us today…

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