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Overcoming a “Daycare Fight” Episode

Overcoming a “Daycare Fight” Episode

daycare fight

If your child has reached an age where they can possibly pick up fights on things they do
not agree with or approve of – you should prepare yourself for calls from your Las Vegas daycare facility updating you on your child’s “behavior” due to a daycare fight.

While it may be a worrying situation for you, tactful dealing can help you instill tolerance and acceptance in your child.

Here’s what you can do to make sure your child avoids such situations in the future.

Show Them the Way

Instead of over-reacting, take constructive steps to instill values in your child. Set ground rules to find solutions for problems. Teach them alternate ways to settle a dispute – yelling, hitting, crying are definitely not part of it.

Discuss with your child ways to handle the same situation differently. Ask them to come up with non-violent situations and help them grow into open-minded individuals.

Positive Reinforcement Works!

Making a big issue out of a simple fight might not bring the desired result as well as a simple act of praise would. Children look for approval. Once you have made them realize their mistake, let the topic go altogether and start appreciating the positive behavioral aspects of your child. While you do this at home, partner with the childcare provider to continue the same at the facility. Your child will quickly pick the hint and start acting accordingly.

Be Their Role Model

As a parent you are under the constant observance of your child. They see how you act, react, and behave to situations. The children then mimic the same behavior. Hence, it is very important to keep your actions in check around your children. Raising your voice, bickering, fights among spouses inculcate negative behavior in the child. Also, losing temper frequently and creating a fuss over different things impacts the child’s behavior. Try and be their role models – be the person you want your child to become.

Daycare brawls are usually nothing more than petty squabbles that can easily overcome with the combined effort of parents and the daycare providers in Las Vegas. It’s all a part of child development that needs to be carefully dealt with in order to raise civil, patient, and rational human beings.

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