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Nanny Care or Daycare – What’s Better for You?

Day Care in Las Vegas

Becoming parents is just the beginning of a series of tough decisions that you have to make as your child grows up. The first of those is to find an appropriate nanny or daycare facility that could love and care for your child while you’re away at work.

Whether you opt for a nanny or childcare is entirely up to you, but it helps to weigh the pros and cons of both before you make a decision. Good for you, we’ve already done that for you in this post.


Nanny care is expensive. Contrary to that, childcare facilities provide wide-ranging options that you can consider. There are several affordable childcare providers in Las Vegas that provide excellent services to facilitate their clients.


The environment in childcare facilities is governed by their policies and practices. You have little or no control over them. On the other hand nanny care gives you the opportunity to see that your child is in the familiar, comfortable environment of their home.


We all live for convenience and both these options do provide that to you in varying levels. But if you talk about the early morning hassle of packing supplies and preparing kids for daycare every day, nanny care wins fair and square.

Safety and Privacy

Daycare facilities usually have to abide by the safety and privacy regulations issued by the state – they are definitely more secure. Nanny care unfortunately, comes with the risk of child abuse and the fact that a ‘stranger’ is living in your house with you all day!


Obviously your child gets a better opportunity to mingle with other people/kids at a daycare facility. Nanny care limits the social interaction your child may need to evolve better.


Finding the ideal nanny is like digging for gold in a mine you aren’t sure contains gold or not. You could consider yourself blessed if you find one that is perfect for your arrangement. It’s not the same for childcare centers; they always have multiple staff members to look after your child. However, the degree of love and care that is given by each, may differ.

Think over these important considerations. They’ll help you make a better decision for your child and yourself.

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