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High Quality Child Care: Vital Elements Parents Need To Look Out For (Part 2)

High Quality Child Care: Vital Elements Parents Need To Look Out For  Part 2
Last time, we discussed the different elements that parents should look out for in choosing a child care center:

  • Staff
  • Learning Environment
  • Health & Safety
  • Parent Involvement

However, apart from these, there are other factors to consider which are just as critical especially during the formative years of your child.

  • Other Factors To Consider

FSU Center for Prevention and Early Intervention Policy cited other factors to consider in selecting a high quality child care provider. They mentioned small groups with optimal ratios. According to them small groups create a sense of intimacy and safety, builds strong relationships between caregivers and children and facilitates learning because of less noise and less activity interfering with child’s ability to learn.

The group also mentioned comprehensive support services. Because the provider cannot possibly meet all the varied needs of young individuals, it is imperative that it maintains linkages with other stakeholders in the education and development of children like medical homes, mental health and social services and others. This way, the development process becomes holistic.

Building A Complete Child

Having in mind the above checklist, we take great pride in endorsing to you – moms, dads, grannies, granddads and guardians — our child care company Kids Learning Path. We proudly call it the child care center in  Las Vegas Nevada.

Kids Learning Path is not just a day care center. We are a licensed child care center.

Our mission is to build a complete child. And here’s how we do it:

  • We promote social and emotional development

At the child care center in  Las Vegas Nevada, we promote social and emotional development of the kids by nurturing their relationships with each other and with their teachers, parents and other adults. We believe that our wards should acquire social skills and emotional self control.

We teach kids language and cognitive skills

Children learn vocabulary easily at age 3 to 5. Also, their sentence construction becomes longer and more complex. We take advantage of this reality in teaching them language. Also we introduce activities to tickle their minds to develop their cognitive skills.

  • We develop their motor skills

Kids are synonymous with play. Here at Kids Learning Path, we encourage children to move around, be aware of their physical abilities and control their movements.

  • Pre-math and literacy skills

These skills are essential as a preparation for the children to move up to kindergarten. Sample activities here include toy assembling, correct coin or bill selecting, tying shoelaces, singing and chanting the alphabet and the like.

  • We nurture their curiosity to explore and be enlightened

The staff at child care center in  Las Vegas Nevada believe that every event in a child’s life is an opportunity for discovery and learning. For this reason we exert effort to be observant about what they are doing, attend to their queries and take time to explain their experiences.

With what you’ve read, we’re pretty sure your search for the ideal child care center for your kid stops at Kids Learning Path. We’re then inviting you to come to our place at 4640 E. Desert Inn Rd. Las Vegas, Nevada 89121. We’d be more than happy to tour you around our campus. If not, please call us at 702-456-4986. Our email address is You don’t need to worry about the time because we are open almost round the clock. We are open 7 days a week from 6 am until midnight.

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