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Healthy Snacks to Pack for Your Child’s Daycare

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Healthy Snacks to Pack for Your Child’s Daycare

One of the most dreadful tasks of being a parent is to pack interesting, healthy, and delicious lunches for your child’s day at their child daycare in Las Vegas. Coming up with something new every now and then can be challenging. Besides, you have to also make sure that your child doesn’t get bored of the lunch you pack for them.

Here are 4 simple snacks to add to your list of healthy lunches for your kids:

1. The Hummus Sandwich

Take a slice of soft bread and spread hummus on it. You can use different variations of hummus like the pea hummus, the black bean hummus, or the beet hummus to keep things interesting. Also, you could serve the hummus in a small container with sliced veggies or crackers.

2. The Creamy Quesadillas

Spread some herbed goat cheese on tortillas. Sprinkle some shredded carrots and minced spinach on it. Layer some sliced cucumbers and mashed sweet potatoes slightly roasted. Cut the tortillas into wedges and treat your kids to the creamy quesadillas.


If you don’t trust the store-bought pesto, make some at home. You can leave out the nuts in case your child is allergic to them. Toss some diced chicken/cheese, halved cherry tomatoes, and peas into boiled pasta and mix the pesto in it. transfer it to the lunchbox and you’re good to go.

4. The Mini Cheese and Meat Stackers

Cut meat and cheese into small bite-size slices and stack them on top of each other with hummus/mustard/mayonnaise in between them. Cut bread or toast slices into the same size and sandwich the stack in between them to serve.

These snacks are quick to prepare and often do not require reheating. All you have to do is prepare them, pop them in a lunchbox, and put it in your child’s daycare bag. At least you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing your child is eating healthy.

Us at Kids Learning Path care about the health of your children.
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