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Grasshoppers Room

Pre-School (36 months to 48 months)

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The perfect place for a positive learning experience

Giving off a positive and conducive learning environment is always the objective of every school in order to meet and satisfy the child’s needs. We realize that demand for learning through our Grasshoppers Room. Like grasshoppers, children should be able to hop from one skill to another with the use of their previous learning. To do this, we encourage a leap from our young learners through exposing them to activities that they will learn in a spiral progression.


From counting and producing sounds of every letters in the alphabet, we now introduce these curious tots the skills on basic addition and subtraction and matching letters to sounds. Just like a spiral, we slowly present relevant information to our learners from simple to complex. These information are guaranteed to be introduced by our educators in a level of difficulty that do not stress the learners.

Our Pre-School program seeks to explore and develop the following skills and competencies that must be obtained by our little fellows:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Basic arithmetic
  • Physical skills
  • Social skills

  • We compiled our young learner’s achievements in a portfolio and showcase them to you to give you a track on your child’s development.

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