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Good Childcare Features You Should Always Look For

Good ChildcareHow would you make certain that the daycare facility in Las Vegas you chose for your child is actually good?

You’ll have to look for the following features before you take the final decision.

1. Trained Affectionate Caregivers

The caregiver’s actions and demeanor can have a great impact on your child’s interaction skills and responsiveness. Therefore it is necessary that the caregivers a daycare facility employs are trained (preferably have accreditations as child development associates) and love their job.

2. A Creative Environment

It is important that the facility you choose promotes intellectual and creative growth for young minds. This is determined through different activities that form a part of the facility’s curriculum. Creative activities do not include playing on the latest tech gadgets. Activities like building sand castles, observing chicks hatch, forming structures using blocks, or shaping clay pots qualify as creative activities. These are things that the child does not get to do at home.

3. The Proper Child-to-Staff Ratios

Children belonging to different age groups have different requirements. Their need to attention and supervision varies as they grow up. This calls for adequate child-to-staff ratios and group sizes for different age groups. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has issued the recommended group sizes and child-to-staff ratios for childcare facilities. You can always take a look and compare them with the facility you’re considering.

4. Low Turnover

Most childcare facilities pay meager salaries to their caregivers and hence, have high turnover of staff. You need to find a facility that has minimal turnover of staff. Why is that important? Because children take a long time to establish a connection with their caregiver and attune themselves to the caregiver’s way of work. Regular staff changes can disrupt that process.

If the childcare providers in Las Vegas on your preference list possess these features, you should know you’re not going to make a bad decision in choosing one of them for your child.

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