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Getting Ready for Back To School


just-have-a-great-day-merry-christmas-picjumbo-comPreschool doesn’t need any formal preparation, so there’s actually nothing wrong with a little head start. Kids Learning Path, a child care center in Las Vegas Nevada, helps your child be familiarized with some preschool fundamentals. Here is what you can do to start getting ready for back to school…

1. Practicing Teamwork.
Working with others and taking turns are anticipated in preschool. Kids don’t always learn to cooperate immediately, so it’s nice to start practicing the value at home. Let your child work with you cooperatively as you play, prepare meals in the kitchen, help with grocery shopping, and do some chores around the house. Kids are almost always more agreeable when they’re apart from their parents, don’t instantly give up if they don’t succeed cooperating at home.

2. Familiarizing Kids with Spelling Their Names
During the early stages of school, when there are a lot of things that need to be labeled start helping your child get familiarized with his or her name. Write their names on most of their belongings such as bags and toys. Put their name on the refrigerator in magnetic letters, on the chalkboard and any other places at home. You may also let them recite their letters, and accompany it with a tune for easy fun and a memorable approach. Don’t rush things and pressure your child; it’ll only drag the process.

3. Filling and Eating in Lunch Boxes.
If your child is expected to eat at school, pick out a fun lunch box together. Days before school starts, try to stuff foods on it and let him or her eat them for lunch at your kitchen table. Demonstrate how to open and/or close their lunch boxes and the proper way of eating on the lunch box to prevent germs.

4. Distributing Chores
 If your child hasn’t learned how to do chores yet, it’s time to start. Focus on chores that are applicable at school, such as picking and arranging toys, cleaning their mess after meals, or washing their paintbrushes.

5. Socializing
There are kids that only have had a rare share of play dates. Instead of keeping and letting them play at home, bring them to any children’s leisure areas before school starts. It could be an amusement park, playground, or pool where lots of kids playing. This will increase their comfort on dealing with other children. But don’t overwhelm them. They may get tired with all the socialization before school starts.

Getting ready for back to school can definitely be stressful. These tips will help make the transition just a little bit easier for your child as well as for the family. Give them a try.

Kids Learning Path, a child care center in Las Vegas Nevada, has all the necessary programs and resources for your child’s holistic growth. With our dedicated mentors, comfortable environment, and enjoyable activities, your kid will love learning!

Build your child’s optimum potential at Kids Learning Path. You can come and visit our child care center in Las Vegas Nevada or contact us today to schedule a tour.

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