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Garden Room

School Age (6 years to 12 years)

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Exploring new knowledge with fun and excitement

Though in this level of education is expected to be more structured than those in the earlier years, Kids Learning Path exposes our pupils to learning without removing the fun. Our Garden Room gives a chance for every learner to develop holistically most especially in the following aspects:

  • Mental (mathematics, reading, languages, sciences, history)
  • Emotional and social (communication, values)
  • Physical (sports and games)

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    Like a garden that houses all kinds of flowers and plants, we also believe that every learner has special talents and skills. No two children are the same so we cater the development of the child holistically and encourage their growth on things they love. We also look into the multiple intelligences of children and encourage the development of both the analytic and creative part of their brain

    We offer programs that cater the needs of children who are:

  • Comprehension
  • Number smart
  • Word smart
  • Picture smart
  • Music smart
  • Body smart
  • People smart
  • Self smart
  • Nature smart

  • School is a place that offers an opportunity for learning. We recognize the fact that each and every one of us is unique in our own ways. In Kids Learning Path, we make learners competent in skills that are essential in their journey in life and also help them find themselves and make a legacy that be remembered in more years to come. By the moment your child steps out of the center and into the community, we guarantee that she will become a child of knowledge, values, attitude and skills.

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