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The First 5 Years of Child Development

The First 5 Years of Child Development

Children go through a number of developmental stages. This is why, at Kids Learning Path, our programs are designed according to different ages and how kids should develop at a particular stage. As explained further below, at the first five years of childhood, kids go through 4 stages of development: newborn, infant, toddler, and pre-schooler.


Newborn babies, from birth up to one month old, only exhibit movements that are out of reflex to external stimuli. Examples of this reflexes are when they open their mouth as you stroke their cheek or involuntarily grasp anything that comes close to their hands or face. At this stage, they slowly start to see and recognize objects and faces, smell things, move their heads when to anything that catches their attention, smile, and cry when they need something.


Starting from 3 months old, they will be able to control their head movements and enjoy playing with their clasped hands. In between six and nine months old, they will learn to babble, recognize and respond to their name, and sit without any support. Beyond that, they will learn how to crawl, slowly stand up with support, and pick up objects that catch their attention.


From one to three years old, they are already toddlers. This is the stage where they develop their own routine, such as sleep and eating time. Toddlers start to learn how to walk without support and climb up the stairs. From 2 to 3 years old, they start learning how to speak short sentences, albeit a little stuttering from time to time, use crayons and doodle. This marks the start of their earliest independence.


From three to five years old, they start to enhance their fine motor skills. They learn how to stand on one leg, jump up and down, and draw simple shapes like circle and cross. With constant training, they will learn how to dress themselves and copy the most basic things you can teach. They will also start talking clearly, learned the basic grammar and will be able to understand and tell stories. At this age, they prefer to play with other children, therefore it’s the best time to enhance their social skills with other kids at the most trusted child care center in Las Vegas Nevada.

The best way to ensure that your kids will be developed to their fullest potential is to let them receive the great care and age-appropriate education that our brilliant staffs provide at Kids Learning Path. Know more about how the most trusted child care center in Las Vegas Nevada will help your kids reach maximum development at

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