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From Daycare to Preschool – Helping Kids Transition

Daycare to Preschool

From Daycare to Preschool – Helping Kids Transition

Toddlers can prove to be a handful to manage when faced with a significant change of environment. Generally, kids belonging to this age group do not respond well to a social change; especially when they’re told that they wouldn’t be seeing their friends or their beloved caregivers anymore.

It’s a difficult phase for your child and you as parents can help them transition easily into the new environment. Here’s what you can do:

Talk to Them: communicate with them on a daily basis telling them about the impending change. Ask them how they feel about it, highlight the positive aspects of the change, and try and motivate them to look forward to it. Remember, you are the greatest influence on your child and for that reason you need to stay positive on the whole situation.

Educate Them: You need to tell your child how different their new environment and routine would be from the one they’re currently in. You should tell them what would be expected from them and how they need to behave in order to gel properly in the preschool setting. Don’t hold back anything for later – kids don’t like these surprises!

Help Them Get Familiar: Talking about surprises, the best way to avoid them is experience. Take them for a demo day at their new preschool. Take a tour of the campus, make the kid meet their teacher, have them sit in the class and mingle with the kids there so that they can get comfortable in the new environment.

Preparing your child for attending preschool after the daycare in Las Vegas is your responsibility. If done right, you can overcome the challenges associated with a child’s change of environment. Simply follow these tips and see how they work wonders to help your child adjust to their new surroundings.

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