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What your Child Can Expect from Attending a Preschool

What your Child Can Expect from Attending a Preschool

A preschool is necessary to help your child gain basic knowledge and get information he could use when he starts elementary school. Research reveals that preschools aid in the development of a child and students who attended preschool tend to have a higher graduation rate than students who did not. Letting your child attend a preschool, lets him enjoy some benefits.

Acquire Social Skills

Small children can learn social skills through the activities they take part in a preschool. They can learn how to wait for turns, cooperate with other kids in various activities and follow instructions. Preschool allows your child to find his true social self.

Learn the Fundamentals through Play

Preschool activities are in such a way that your child learns plenty of basic things while having fund with his peers. A singing activity will introduce your child to alphabets and letters, story time introduces him to language skills and sentence formation and cooking introduces him to fundamental mathematical concepts. At Kids Learning Path, we expose children to geology and biology through nature walks and to shapes and colors through finger painting activities and puzzles as part of our child care center in Las Vegas Nevada.

Encourage Activity

Every child gets plenty of opportunities to build their creative minds through different artistic and crafty activities made by preschool teachers. Usually, children are hesitant to show their creative side at home because of fear that they might be scolded for the mess they might make. Without this fear at our preschool at Kids Learning Path, your child could explore the limits of his imaginative and curious mind.

Develop Motor Skills

A great preschool would arrange for different activities which require your child to run and climb. Activities such as interactive games can enhance the physical development and balance of your child. With bead threading tasks or simple scissor cutting, the motor skills of your child and his hand-eye coordination can develop.

Prepare for School

Usually, children who do not attend preschool face separate issues with their mothers at the start of kindergarten and encounter challenges in following instructions, regulations and rules. Our child care center in Las Vegas Nevada has staff members who will your child in preschool to ensure he will be able to easily adjust to kindergartens.

Our preschool at Kids Learning Path, your best bet in terms of child care center in Las Vegas Nevada, gives your child the chance to learn many things by playing and exploring under our caring teacher’s guidance. Don’t look any further, choose us now and give us a call at 702 456 4986. You can also visit our site