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Benefits of Learning Games at Daycare

Games at daycare

Benefits of Learning Games at Daycare

Learning is not just about sitting on a desk trying to absorb the concepts delivered by the teacher in a tedious repetition of the situation. Learning should be fun and that’s exactly what daycares in Las Vegas are implementing in their curriculums. Games at daycare help children develop the mental and physical abilities necessary for better growth.

Here’s how learning games help the proper development of your child from an early age:

Cognitive and Intellectual Development

While outdoor games help children gain the physical strength and motor skills for healthy development. Interactive computer games and the intellectual board games prove more useful in flexing their cognitive abilities. Puzzles and memory games teach them to focus and increase their retention span that consequently improves their memory and learning abilities. These games keep the child occupied in constructive activities that build and nurture their brains in its prime developmental phase.


It is already established that children learn their basic social skills at their daycare centers. These skills are instilled into the child with games that shape the child’s conduct and help them develop the ability to properly interact with others. Children learn to share and explore their imagination and creativity with other children; they learn to respect others and coordinate with them

Other games like red light green light or Simon says teaches them to follow instructions and control their impulse. The name game, although simple makes the child learn the important social skill of addressing the other person by their name.

Most Las Vegas daycare facilities have dedicated programs for learning games that include both indoor and outdoor play that nurtures the child physically and mentally and helps them learn basic skills for better living. If you’re looking for a good childcare in Las Vegas, make sure the providers have learning games on their curriculum.

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