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5 Questions You SHOULD Ask Your Day Care Facility in Las Vegas

Day Care Facility in Las Vegas

5 Questions You Should Ask Your Child Care Facility in Las Vegas

Leaving your child in the hands of a complete stranger is often daunting for most parents – and it should be. However, you do not have to continue with your panic attacks once you make sure you’ve chosen the right child care provider in Las Vegas.

Before finalizing who you wish to leave your child with while you’re at work, make sure you ask them these basic questions about their processes and their facility:

1. Do you have a license?

Daycare facilities holding a license have to undergo state-authorized inspections on a regular basis. You definitely want to put your child into one of these daycare facilities in Las Vegas.

2. How do you manage hygiene and sanitization?

Cleanliness and hygiene is of prime importance. Most children contract stomach viruses and bacterial infections from unclean carpets and toys not sanitized properly. Cleanliness should be at the top of your facility’s priority list.

3. Is the staff trained for first aid?

Usually, facilities operating under a proper license SHOULD have first-aid trained staff. However, you can’t be absolutely sure of it unless you confirm!

4. What safety measures do you practice?

Locked doors, adequate supervision during outdoor sessions, identification for picking and/or dropping the child (in case it’s not the parent), proper ventilation, emergency exits, – all this and anything else that you can think of from your child’s security point of view should be a part of the answer.

5. Do you have a disciplinary policy? What is it and at what age do you implement it?

The ideal answer to the first part of the question would be ‘yes’ – you don’t want to raise an undisciplined child! As for the second part, if the policy is anything other than ‘time-out’ and implemented on kids before they turn 2, you don’t want your child attending this facility.

To be on the safe side, never opt for the first affordable childcare facility that you come across. Always make it a point to check and survey at least three different facilities before you can decide on one. You will be leaving your child in their care during the most crucial years of the child’s life; you’ve got to make sure you done make a mistake in choosing them.

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