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4 Ways To Keep Your Child Interested In School

4 Ways To Keep Your Child Interested In School

Learning is fun! At least that’s what parents want their children to believe in. Most kids perceive learning as boring and stressing. Oftentimes, these are the reason why they become unengaged and under-motivated in going to school. This doesn’t have to be the case for there are ways parents can do to keep them interested in getting an education. We, at Kids Learning Path, a child care center in Las Vegas Nevada have listed down a few things how.

Discover their personal preferences.

Take note of your child’s favorite things. This can be observed in the kind of activities they engage with, toys they play more with or kiddie shows they always look forward to. You can incorporate these favorites into their basic learning activities at home. If your child like cars, you can teach them counting numbers with their toy cars as tools. You can also make use of the internet where a lot of educational videos can be found. There are videos with nursery rhymes and alphabet songs that include cars, animals and fairies in the animation. Indeed, there are a lot to choose from! Just match these learning resources with your child’s most loved items.

Help them in setting goals.

As parents, we want to teach our kids how to set goals. This will not only keep them motivated in anything they do, it will also train them to be productive students in school. If you are familiar with the SMART goal, then you already have a head start. SMART goal stands for: Specific, Measurable, Adjustable, Realistic and Timely goals. This can be employed in simple daily activities. For example, before giving your kids their afternoon snacks, tell them to clean up the work station by putting their toys in the right places. Do this daily and they will have to remember it as part of their everyday routine. You are not only teaching them discipline but also how to arrive at a reward by means of cleaning up.

Don’t pressure them.

No child is made the same. Each one has his/her own strengths and weaknesses that is why there is really no need for comparison. Other parents might brag about their own child’s aptitude in math or potential in arts meanwhile your child can only do as much as writing his/her name yet. Don’t get carried away. Different children have different times in blooming intellectually. Some may take a little longer than others. We just have to follow our child’s own pace. However, this does not mean that we stop just there. We can still help them unravel their potentials by enrolling them into various activities like sports, arts and crafts, or music. Encourage them but never make it appear like you’re pressuring them. The child’s experiences in his/her early learning years are foundation to his/her perception of the latter academic years. We don’t want them to look at learning as merely straining. We want them to realize the value of the things they do through the enjoyment they get, along with the improvement.

Acknowledge their achievements.

Let them know that you are proud of them. Recognize the improvements they make. You can even reward them, although this is not advisable to be done at all times. They might only perform tasks for the material gains and no longer for the benefit they get for their skills. Never fail to assure them you are happy with how they are trying to make themselves better. As a child, they’d always look forward to your validation.
It is important that kids stay engaged and motivated in school. It only facilitates their learning better when they are willing to learn themselves. We, at Kids Learning Path, a child care center in Las Vegas Nevada employ the best methods to keep your child’s attention and interest in class. We have different programs and set of activities for children of different age groups which means that they can learn and explore based on their capacities. We also have programs that are intended for kids of different inclinations. This way, your child’s strengths can be trained and developed further. For more information about our services, give us a call at 02 456 4986 or visit us at!

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