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4 Ridiculously Common Daycare Myths Debunked

daycare myths

Ridiculously Common Daycare Myths Debunked

A majority of parents would try and find the best possible daycare center in Las Vegas for their child that is secure and affordable. However, like everything else daycare centers too, have been plagued with certain daycare myths that make parents think twice about their decision to put their child in the hands of a daycare facility.

If you have heard any of the following things related to daycare centers, breathe a sigh of relief because none of them is true!

1. Daycare providers don’t give your child the attention they need.

Licensed daycare facilities have to follow the NSW regulations that efficiently define the number of caregivers required according to the number and age-groups of the children. There is nothing like your child would be left to cry their heart out without anyone to hug or look after them. Proper daycare facilities allow kids the time to figure things out on their own and provide adequate care all the time maintaining a balance between the two.

2, Daycare facilities are boring and develop behavioral issues in the child

Daycare facilities usually have defined schedules that include creative, educational, and social activities to keep the child occupied all the time. Kids learn to make friends, discover new talents, and get used to of a routine that helps them mold into disciplined individuals.

3. Sending your child to the daycare will make them forget you

There is no way your child will forget about you unless they have a serious memory issue. Children have the ability to respond to love with unconditional love, and as long as they are getting that from you there is nothing you need to worry about. When back home, try and spend as much time with your child as you can and shower them with love and affection.

4. Daycare centers give unhealthy food to children

Again, professional daycare centers have to conform to the NSW regulation which sets down adequate guidelines for meals and menus to be served in the daycare. Your kids don’t just eat healthy food, they even learn about it during their lessons. Besides, you can always send homemade meals for your kid to ensure they eat nothing but healthy.

You can totally go ahead with your decision of enrolling your child to a daycare facility. It’s fun and secure for your child and convenient for you – what else could you ask for!

We understand the importance of finding a daycare that you trust with your child… contact us today to schedule a tour today. 

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