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4 Fascinating Facts About Your Child

4 Fascinating Facts About Your Child

How well do you know your child? Perhaps there are days when we are surprised to see our child suddenly rumbling words that we do not even understand. Sometimes, we find them dancing spontaneously in the living room when they hear music. These are just some hidden talents that we do not know our kids have.

Today, on the blog, we will discuss some of the fascinating facts about your kids. Read through the blog and find out what these are.

Did you know that all babies are cute?
Regardless of the child’s race or nationality, a newly born infant is deemed to be cute by most people. In fact, a scientist has developed the concept of “baby schema”, which tells us that all infants have similar physical features.

Most babies have rounded head, large eyes, chubby cheeks, and soft body features that are very appealing to us. That is why whenever we see a baby, we only have one word to describe him, and it is usually: cute.

Did you know that parents and their environment have the biggest influence on the baby?
Most of the child’s attitude and mannerisms are acquired from their family and their environment. That is why some children who came from a good family have a good upbringing. They are given excellent child care that will greatly affect their confidence and their performance both in the academe and in their career in the future.

Moreover, children who are also given the chance to learn on their own and are disciplined properly have better social graces compared to those who did not have.

Did you know that “parentese” is an effective communication tool to babies?
Have you ever noticed how parents, especially mothers, have this natural instinct to shift their manner of speaking like that of a child when talking to their baby? This kind of language is called “parentese” or baby talk.

The reason why most parents prefer to use baby talk is because of the musicality and the tone of their voice. It is very appealing to the baby and it helps them grasp words because it is well pronounced and easy to understand.

Did you know that watching child-friendly shows are not really that helpful?
Contrary to popular belief, allowing young children to watch television shows cannot help them learn things fast. These shows may not really be that “educational”, but it could certainly entertain babies, especially with all the colors and music that it provides. Psychologists would still prefer that parents spend the time to play with them and make things with them.

Your child is a wonderful tiny creature. They can do so many things that we may not be aware of. As parents, it is your duty to always look after them and make sure that the things they learn and see are appropriate for their age. But if you need some assistance in our child care center in Las Vegas Nevada, the Kids Learning Path, we would be glad to help.

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